Thursday, May 26, 2011


As I indicated last week, I have taken some steps to change and add to Westjourn. One of the additions is the listing of some of the blogs I read that I have found to be helpful. A quick word about a few of them.

A CHURCH FOR STARVING ARTISTS - Just came across this one somehow. Authored by Jan Edmiston. Sounded interesting and what I have read has proven to be so. Looking forward to more.

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL - Thoughts and challenges on a wide range of topics as only Moyers can do.

BRIAN MCLAREN - One of the earliest and most effective leaders in what is known as the emerging church movement. Mclaren comes out of an evangelical background but reveals a remarkable struggle of personal inquiry and change of direction in his faith understanding.

HUFFINGTON POST - This is where I go every day for the updates on the news. Covers a really wide range of topics. Updated periodically throughout the day.

JESUS SEMINAR - The more familiar name of the Westar Institute. Good place to find out what the seminar is doing, order books from Polebridge Press, and print off articles out of their journal, The Fourth R. This will stretch you a lot. I love it!

MATTERS OF PRINCIPLE - A weekly, brief blog written by Gary Hart. Regardless of his "mess-up" in the presidential run years ago, I still think he has some of the best insights to be found on subjects political.

More thoughts on the other blogs in a day or so. Happy Reading.


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  2. Thanks for the links. Some good recommendations on the road less traveled. Best wishes as you launch the next phase of Westjourn!