Monday, May 30, 2011


A few words about the remaining links I have added that can perhaps warm your heart and challenge your capacities.

MATTHEW FOX - Dismissed as a priest from the Dominican Order, Fox has been stirring up things for a long time. Author of many books and articles, he has developed the concept of Creation Spirituality. Worth spending some time exploring with this guy.

PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIANITY - This is the U. S. version of an organized effort trying to "recover" from Christianity and find a more meaningful way to express and grow one's faith. There are similar organizations in Canada, Great Britain, Australia, etc.

JESUS DYNASTY - The work of James Tabor, Head of the Department of Religious Studies, UNC Charlotte. Tabor makes numerous trips to the Holy Land for archaeological digs with interesting results. He also gives attention to James, the brother of Jesus, believing that this one should have been listened to early on as much, if not more, than Paul. Interesting character.

UNREPENTANT COWBOY - How can one not pay attention to a title like this? Just came across it by accident. You got to like somebody who aspires to be a follower of Jesus but says, "I do not like organized religion, so don't try to save me." Good thoughts.

RADICAL FAITH - Strong Anglican/Episcopalian/Catholic influence though not limited only to these. Wide range of current inquiries and scholarly search. Updated frequently. You could spend a mighty long time just with this one, if you choose.

BLOGISMOS - From the life of a young man named Jacob Beaver. In his own effort of self-expression, he began to ask hard questions and challenge those around him to think, especially young people. As a result, he got "squeezed out"; so this one writes with some "scars." He is personally acquainted with a lot of folk in the emerging church movement, learns from them, and adds his own effective insights. All this with a good sense of humor. Scroll down to May 20 statement on preparation for the rapture to see what I mean.

I may add a few more links along the way, but I do not want to overload. If I find something really attractive, I'll tell you about it. You may want to go on your own search and report back to the rest of us what you find that stretches your life.

Enjoy the holiday. Find a way for refreshment. Perhaps read a bit.

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