Saturday, May 21, 2011


I have been writing Westjourn now for about 18 months. I have wanted to develop it a bit more and had stated such a few weeks back. Well, this is the new product.

Patti and I have enjoyed a weekend getaway. She has been the technical mind behind this changing effort. She has helped me develop where I want to go, find a way to set it up, and get it out to a wider audience. I am sending this today to those who had signed up long ago plus the crowd that gathers for "Theology on Tap" and a few new ones that I have added along the way. If this is not something you want to spend your time with, please respond to me and I will take you off the mailing list.

The theme will follow more of the concept of pilgrimage. The picture for this date is that of an old man and others struggling up a sidewalk toward the Old Court House during a peace march.....the idea of pilgrims moving toward the seats of power with a statement of concern. That will be at the heart of a lot of these columns. As soon as I can get the resident photographer (Granddaughter Madysen) to do her thing, I will post an image of a road that stretches out before us.

I have added numerous links that I believe will offer insights that can be helpful for the kind of journey upon which we embark. I have found them to be enjoyable and challenging. Over a period of time, I will add more that prove to be interesting.

This kind of effort works best if you will read and respond. Disagree, give another slant, add to out of your experience and understanding....whatever you choose. That helps us all with our questions, doubts, and struggles.

In a day that still reeks of "rapture" thinking, religious bigotry, theological meanness, pharisaical exclusiveness, and all kinds of convoluted efforts to create a God in our own image, we need a conversation that is unafraid to move in a different direction.

I'm not very good at this as a lone ranger. I do much better if I can travel with a community.


  1. The new site looks good. Looking forward to reading.

  2. We have more in common than i had realized. It is a shame we haven't spent more time together. Blessings, my friend!

  3. I'm not technically savvy enough to sign up as an official "follower" but know that I am following!!! Looking forward to the journey!