Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I'm baaaaaaaack!  I've been gone from these pages for a while.  Two  reasons why.  First, I just felt like I had run out of things to say.  Call it writer's block, call it whatever.  I had to keep up with a regular routine of preaching and teaching, but as I look back over the past six months or so, I realize that I really did not have my heart in my proclamation.  2012 was the worst year of my life and I have had some tough years.  Our youngest son defied all understanding and expectations, relapsed into prescription drug use, and wound up being incarcerated.  He has now been released and is in another recovery program where he will stay until the middle of April.

Never has the word "regardless" meant so much to us.  Regardless of what he did, he is our son and we love him and will not give up on him.  Our visits have been wonderful.  That beaming smile of his is beginning to return.  He is working hard to rebuild his life and we will stand in support of him.  His life will probably progress for the foreseeable future only inch by inch.  We will be there to encourage.  We have learned not to enable.

So on December 31, we joined with a really good friend to close out the year.  No big celebration or chiming in the New Year.  Our friend had just recently lost his precious wife (I will be writing about that soon).  We broke bread and drank wine.   And a few tears flowed.   We supported each other.  And we bid adieu to 2012.  May nothing like it ever return again.

The agony of those months finally got to be too much.  So I stopped writing.

The second reason was a more practical one.  I really did want to change the look of my blog.  Since I am so technically challenged, I had to rely on my wife for assistance.  She too carried a load of agony that only a mother can feel.  She is also the busiest person I know and finding time to navigate through some computer changes was just not in the schedule.  So, you won't see any real changes.  We will get to it in time.  I also want granddaughter Madysen to bring her photographic skills back to these pages.  But her camera is broken.  Another span of waiting.

As I pull up out of this pit, I'm not sure what I can say.  But I am beginning to feel the yearning to put thoughts down for consideration - thoughts with which I wrestle and which hopefully will find a place in your journey.

Glad to be back.



  1. We are indeed glad you are back online and like you I hope 2013 will be a good year. Perhaps some good wine and spirited TOT discussions will be included. Cheers.

  2. Looking forward to it. You guys have been an inspiration to me and I pray this year is better for you. Hope to get together with you soon