Sunday, May 6, 2012

Recommended Reading

During the summer months we shall explore the subject of "The Emergent Church" in our community of faith. I sense that it is an idea with which we should reckon. I am enjoying the study as I prepare to speak to this subject. As usual, my way of getting ready for this type of effort is to read as much as I can on the subject and then bounce ideas/questions off of others.

Many of you who follow this blog are folk with whom I interface on some kind of basis. We are living in a time when numerous voices tell us that we are on the cusp of some kind of spiritual awakening. Guesses are made as to what that means, but no one really knows at this point. What will the church look like in coming years? What shape of expression will it take? How will we "practice" our spirituality? I would like to appeal to you to join me in the asking of these, and other, questions and together join our eyes and hearts as we watch what unfolds.

I read a lot. It is a passion of mine. I am affected, I think for the good, by the ideas of others. Occasionally I come across a book that really works me over. I have almost finished one that is doing just that. The title is THE UNDERGROUND CHURCH: RECLAIMING THE SUBVERSIVE WAY OF JESUS. The author is Robin Meyers, a United Church of Christ minister in Oklahoma City. His is that unusual and remarkable ability to pack stimulating ideas into every paragraph. It's taking me a little longer to read because I re-read a lot, not because I don't understand but because I do understand and I just need to wrestle with it all a bit. Meyers says some things that, in all honesty, I wish he wouldn't say because it calls me up so short. But then Jesus said even more that I wish had not be said and I have to wrestle with that too. Meyers frames Jesus' teachings in a way that I can't escape or explain away.

I invite you to get the book and read it. Perhaps you will want to purchase it, or maybe join with some friends in getting it and then pass it around. If you read it, I would like to hear your thoughts.

Right now I'm thinking that "The Emergent Church" (whatever that may mean and I hope to find out) may become truer to its calling if it becomes "The Underground Church."

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  1. What emerges from this ”subversive journey” will be well worth seeing and being a part. I look forward to the challenge. Thanks for the post!